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Welcome to Diablo Alliance Water Polo

Our Mission

Founded in 1999 by Maureen O’Toole Purcell and Jim Purcell, Diablo Alliance Water Polo was formed to encourage girls and boys to learn the great game of water polo and excel in a fun and competitive team environment. We work hard to ensure that every member of the Diablo Alliance Water Polo family gets the appropriate level of instruction from the most experienced coaches in Northern California. 

Fundamentals are the Foundation of Success

Our coaching starts with a singular focus on the basic fundamentals of the game and will progressively build toward more advanced concepts and team strategies as each athlete develops. Fundamentals such as learning the proper eggbeater kick, individual ball handling skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, and drawing fouls), to pressure passing and defensive positioning form the foundation of our coaching philosophy at Diablo Alliance Water Polo.

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Fuego's Values

Fuego is living his best life and so should you.  As an organization, our value system relies on us being team driven, keeping a fun and positive environment, staying fiercely competitive and ambitious; while maintaining our focus on the community that surrounds us. Our players, coaches and teams will be evaluated and rewarded based on these values - and Fuego will be on the look out for star examples of "Living like Fuego."

Team Driven

Fun & Positive



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