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FAQ for New Athletes

Each player will be required to wear team suits and team swim caps at all games. You are also required to bring a water polo ball to practice and to purchase a set of Diablo Alliance practice water polo caps. Players can personalize their practice caps and select their favorite number. This is a one-time expense as practice caps will be used from session to session for all Diablo Alliance team members. When ordering your caps, please select "With Custom Name" and enter your number (any number of your athlete's choosing) followed by your name--For example: "Smith, #5". To order any of these items as well as other apparel click the button below.

There will be a team meeting (Athlete and Parents) during the first or second week of practice for each age group. The team meeting will serve as an opportunity for coaches to introduce themselves to the parents and for parents to sign up for the various volunteer positions that assist the coaches with coordinating and communicating during the session.

USA Water Polo Registration: Please visit to renew/register. Athletes must be currently registered for USA Water Polo Athlete Membership to participate in games. A Gold membership is HIGHLY recommended and your affiliation must be with Diablo Alliance Water Polo, club #1299, Pacific Zone. While you're registering, please verify your child's DOB, enter the correct graduation date, and upload a head shot picture.

Age Requirements: USA Water Polo age requirements are based on the Athlete's age as of the next August 1st. Thus if you are 13 on the next August 1st you will be eligible to play in the 14 & Under age group (not 12 & Under) at USA Water Polo sanctioned events. There are some exceptions to this rule as a few tournaments throughout the year (San Diego Cup and Champions Cup) are designated as grade based and teams will be determined by the Athletes current grade.

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